Starry Sky Ranch

Welcome to our site! We've been busy at the ranch and are finally taking the time to share our adventures and experiences. We're also showing off our new name: Starry Sky Ranch. After thinking about potential names for the last year and a half now, we just kept coming back to the beautiful night sky in Gazelle, California. The brilliant stars against the incredibly dark sky are almost more beautiful than the daytime views of Mount Shasta. Keep checking back to see what we're up to! We are learning something new every day and making plenty of mistakes, but enjoying every minute of it. We are so appreciative of our friends and neighbors, and especially our right-hand man, Jim. Thank you!

Latest Happenings

  • The Joy of a Working Swamp Cooler When it's 99 degrees in the high desert and there's barely a breath of wind, our little manufactured home can get to be quite┬ástifling. The worst is ...
    Posted Jul 18, 2010, 10:50 PM by Claire C
  • Trying to find manuals for older tractors Here's something that should really be of interest to the general public. Have you ever tried to get a new service manual for a 20-year-old tractor? I ...
    Posted Jul 19, 2010, 12:20 PM by Dan W
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